The subject of Design Thinking

a ‘function’ – and use design thinking to offer methods and insights into what might improve that function.

Keep in mind that design thinking is applied to both objects and processes. Objects and processes are created with the intention of fulfilling a human ‘function.’ So, for example, the object of a coffee cup has a ‘function’ of quenching thirst/providing nutrition, while the process of filling in of your income tax has a ‘function’ of transferring private property to the public (government) realm.

Function: Homelessness in Canada’s major cities is increasing. Create a sustainable solution to reduce the number of individuals that identify as homeless and provide an effective shelter/housing solution.

  1. try to do create a systematic approach, which will require an introduction (stating the issue/thesis), a conclusion, and clearly-defined sections.
  2. It can be illustrated with images, diagrams, or in any way that conveys the information effectively. While there is no minimum word requirement, keep in mind the assignment is worth 35% of your overall grade and should reflect a one-third effort of the entire course.
  3. Give me proper and suitable answer and also not give the answer in one paragraph and also has answer of same quetion on chegg i no need of that answer that is too short

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