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SysML Assignment: Using the Requirements Statement for Coronavirus Vaccination System (CoVacS)

model the following using modeling tools of your choice:

1. Requirement Diagram

2. Use Case Diagram
3. Activity Diagram
4. State Machine Diagram

5. Block Definition

Requirements Statement for Coronavirus Vaccination System (CoVacS)

Coronavirus Vaccination System (CoVacS), will provide a vaccine scheduling service for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The CoVacS will provide efficient vaccine scheduling services to local area pharmacies and hospitals in Fairfax County, VA. The system will allow the end-user to schedule their household members’ COVID-19 vaccination(s) using a mobile application and provide the ability to store users’ COVID-19 vaccination and testing information. All health data will be readily available to the user until the user deletes his/her account.


With the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 and chaotic distribution of vaccines, the general public struggles to identify when and where to get vaccinated. Local area pharmacies/hospitals [referred to asLocations]willhavereal-timeaccesstotheirCOVID-19vaccineinventoryandschedule. The CoVacS will take the user’s location, health insurance, and allergies to provide a ranked list of the best locations for the prospective patient to schedule a vaccination and once a location is selected, walk the patient through the scheduling process.


The patient will have access to the system via an internet browser and/or smartphone application. First-time users will need to provide the following information to set up their account: name, phone number, home address, health insurance, and allergies. After account creation, prospective patients will be able to browse their suggested vaccination locations and schedule an appointment. Following the completion of the patient’s scheduled appointment, the patient will be able to access their records to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Vaccination Location Administrators

The administrators of the vaccination locations will have access to the system via an internet browser. They will be able to view scheduled COVID-19 vaccination appointments for their location, including patient information (name, health insurance, telephone number, and allergies). In addition to viewing the schedule, they will also be able to see a profile on their location that will include the current inventory and a projected inventory over time based on the schedule. Following completed vaccination appointments, the location administrator will upload records of COVID-19 vaccination to patients’ accounts.

CoVacS Administrator

The system administrator will monitor the system to confirm proper operations, audit for any security vulnerabilities or breaches within the system, and provide account support.

System Requirements


Functional Requirements

CoVacS shall allow real-time appointment scheduling for COVID-19 vaccines for Fairfax County residents based on their information such as address, health insurance coverage, and allergies, per CDCandFairfaxCountyhealthdepartmentguidelinesandeligibilityrequirements. CoVacSshallalso retain COVID-19 testing and vaccination data for the end-user.

Input Requirements

The CoVacS will support a wide range of inputs from two types of users: patients and vaccination location administrators. The CoVacS shall be able to accommodate multiple patient inputs (i.e. household members) under one end-user account.

The range of inputs that will be accommodated are as follows.

Patient Inputs

Patient information submitted via an internet browser or smartphone application shall be stored as a password protected user profile. The user profile shall include the following information:

  • ? Patient Name

  • ? Birth date

  • ? Phone number

  • ? Email address

  • ? Home address

  • ? Health insurance

  • ? Previous COVID-19 tests and results

  • ? Food and medicinal allergies

  • ? Relationship to account holder

  • ? Health issues

  • ? Priority Class (e.g. health work provider, prison guard, etc.)

    Vaccine Location Administrators Inputs

    Vaccination administrator’s information shall be stored as a password protected profile. The location’s profile shall include the following information:

    • ? Location name and address

    • ? Current COVID-19 vaccination inventory (number and type)

    • ? Vaccination appointments (patient information and proof of vaccination following

      completion of appointment)

      Vaccination Request

      Patients shall submit a vaccination appointment request via an internet browser or smartphone application. The vaccination request shall collect the following information:

    • ? Patient’s home address

    • ? Patient’s medical information

    • ? Desired date for appointment


  • ? Vaccination locations’ address

  • ? Vaccination locations’ appointment availability

    Output Requirements

    CoVacS shall display health information and vaccine information to the Patient and the Vaccine Administrator. CoVacS shall only display applicable health information as it pertains to COVID-19. CoVacS shall display the health data of multiple patients under the same profile/end-user. The minimum output should include the following.

    Patient Health Information

    CoVacS shall display the patient’s profile information, which contains user- inputted information as listed above. The purpose of this view is for the user to confirm his/her inputted health information and make changes if necessary.

    COVID-19 Vaccination Information

    CoVacS shall inform the end-user of current vaccination guidelines and information. At a minimum, CoVacS shall provide the end-user with:

  • ? The current vaccination eligibility requirements for the county of Fairfax, VA

  • ? The manufacturer(s) of the available vaccine(s) and the required number of doses

  • ? The available vaccination appointment day, time, and locations.

  • ? All of the required items to bring to their confirmed vaccination appointment

    COVID-19 Tracking Information

    CoVacS shall provide the patient’s COVID-19 test data and vaccination data without providing other medical information. The purpose of this view is to provide a snapshot of the patient’s COVID-19 testing data. At a minimum, CoVacS shall display:

    • ? COVID-19 test date(s) and result(s)

    • ? COVID-19 vaccination date(s), location, manufacturer, and doses received.

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