In the Module 3 discussion, you will compare and contrast the functions of management and top leadership by examining the differences, overlaps, roles, and responsibilities. The skills and abilities of individuals in these positions are identified and avenues to further development of these skills explored.
Discussing the differences between management and leadership is not like discussing math or science. There is room for interpretation and situations can be complex. This makes for a lively conversation.


Use the numbers in the instructions to organize your post and ensure that you meet all requirements.

Each student will contribute one unique skill of either a leader OR of a manager. Do not duplicate a classmate’s post.
For an organization to achieve strong results, it requires both strong management and leadership. The roles should complement and support each other. One way to look at the difference between a leader and a manager is to examine the skill set of each.

  1. Describe one specific skill of a leader (think major leadership position in a company – CEO/President, in a company, not a team leader) OR of a manager.
  2. In a couple of sentences, explain how this skill helps them succeed in their position. General skill sets such as communication, interpersonal, or organizational skills are not acceptable. Break it down to a specific skill. Try not to duplicate a classmate’s post.
  3. List bullet points of what you would incorporate in a one-day workshop addressing this skill.
  4. Provide an outside resource (a website) to help with this process.

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