Kit Kat bars, produced under a division of the Hershey Company in the United States, are a phenomenon in Japan. Their successful flavors include wasabi and green tea. There are over 80 flavors featured, and they are marketed quite differently.
In this assignment, you will research another American company’s business and marketing strategy for operations in one foreign country. You will also determine and describe the attributes that are needed for it to be marketed in that country (i.e., India, Japan, China, etc.). Please do not use the example already given.


1. Demonstrate a U.S. company’s adaptations to the cultural environment in international business. (J)


Use numbers 1–4 in the instructions to organize and format your assignment. This ensures you include all three elements and helps readers follow your responses.

  1. Select an American company and analyze its business and marketing strategy in one foreign country. Focus on one country for a more complete analysis.
  2. Analyze and summarize the adaptations the company makes to adjust for cultural, legal, and operational issues. (For example, an American car sold in England must be right-hand drive.)
  3. Recognize obstacles that may be faced by the company.
  4. Relate the product and your assessment to the concepts in the readings and evaluate the attributes needed for marketing in the selected country.

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