Read the following case and respond by writing a MEMO as outlined below. Be sure to utilize the principles of Routine Messages.


Your boss, Mike Andrade, owner of three Burger House restaurants in downtown Montreal, is worried about employee turnover. He needs to keep 50 people on his payroll to operate the outlets, but recruiting and retaining those people is tough. The average employee leaves after about seven months, so Andrade has to hire and train 90 people a year just to maintain a 50 person crew. At a cost of $1500 per hire, the price tag for such a high turnover is approximately $62,000 a year.

Andrade knows that a lot of his best employees quit because they think flipping burgers is a dead end job. But what if it weren’t a dead end? What if a person could really get someplace flipping burgers? What if Andrade offered to pay his employees’ way through school if they remained with the store? Would that keep them behind the counter?

He’s decided to give educational incentives a try. Employees who choose to participate will continue to earn their usual wages; they will also get free books and tuition, keyed to the number of hours they work each week. Those who work 10to 15 hours a week can take one free course at any local college or university; those who work 16to 25 hours can take two courses; and those who work 26 to 40 hours can take three courses. The program is open to all employees regardless of how long they have worked for Burger House; no one is obligated to participate.


1. Draft a Memo for Mr. Andrade to send out announcing the new educational incentives to the employees.

2. Provide the important details regarding the incentives.

3. Using the 3×3 process to complete information

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