Use Microsoft Visio and the UML Activity Diagram template. Create a diagram per the following steps: 1. The “Purchasing Department” handles purchase requests from other departments in the company. 2. People in the company who initiate the original purchase request are the “In-house Customers” of the purchasing department. 3. A case worker within the purchasing department receives the request and monitors it until it is ordered and received. 4. Case worker processes requests for the purchase of products under $1,500 and creates a purchase order, and then sends it to the approved preferred vendor who frequently supplies to the company. This is a straightforward process due to the low amount of money involved. 5. Purchase requests over $1,500 must first be sent out for bidding by the purchasing department from the vendor that supplies the product as well FOR EACH other vendor. This is at minimal 3 vendors but could range much higher. This bidding process involves a typical preferred vendor who is already supplying but also includes additional vendors who are participating because this is a competitive bid. 6. When the vendors Develop the bid’ and the bids return, the case worker ‘selects one bid’ which is the best and then creates a purchase order and sends purchase order to the vendor. Process completes as normal
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