What is the general rule for how many segments to focus on at a time?

Companies should focus on the three most attractive segments.

Companies should focus on the most attractive segment.

Companies should focus on all segments for which the required return on investment can be made.

Companies should eliminate half of the segments by focusing on the most attractive 50%.


Matt had a passion for antique tools and decided to turn that passion into a brick and mortar store. He defined the broad market then narrowed it, but then he was stuck. He discussed his problem with his aunt what had years of experience in marketing positions in a large retailing firm. How could his aunt help him to take the next steps as he did know what to do next?

To be able to determine the next steps, it’s best for a small business to discuss segmentation only with people one can trust.

To help start-up firms, larger companies will develop mentorship programs to help the entrepreneur.

To make tough decisions about which kind of segmentation to use is often a judgment by someone with extensive experience.

To be successful, an entrepreneur should get advice from someone of the opposite gender.

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