Read the following brief case then answer the following 2 questions using no more than 400 words per question. (Worth 50 points)

Jack Fisher opened his first laundromat in 1998 and his second in 2001. The main attraction of these coin laundry operations was that they were capital-intensive rather than labor-intensive. Once the initial investment in machinery was made, the stores could be run with unskilled labor. Generally, only a single attendant associated with the retail service business was ever encountered.

Like virtually all the other HR-related activities at Fisher Cleaning Centers, the company currently has no organized approach to interviewing job candidates. Store managers, who do almost all the hiring, have a few of their own favorite questions that they ask. But in the absence of any guidance from management, they all admit their interview performance leaves something to be desired. Similarly, Jack Fisher himself is admittedly most comfortable dealing with what he calls the nuts-and-bolts machinery aspect of his business and has never felt particularly comfortable having to interview management or other job applicants.

Jennifer Fisher graduated from college in June 2008 and, after considering several job offers decided to proceed with her plan of joining her father Jack in the business he started many years ago.

Jennifer is sure that this lack of formal interviewing practices, procedures, and training accounts for some of the employee turnover and theft problems. Therefore, she wants to do something to improve her company’s performance in this important area.

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