Scott was involved in an automobile accident. The other driver told Scott that she would report the accident to the police. Relying on this statement, Scott did not file an accident report with the police. If Scott files a claim, can his insurance company refuse to cover it?

Mr. and Mrs. Crowell owned a farmhouse in Minnesota. They took out a mortgage on the property and insured the house with Delafield Insurance. When they defaulted on the mortgage, the bank commenced foreclosure proceedings. When the proceedings had been completed, the bank permitted the Crowells to remain on the property until it could be sold. Under Minnesota law, the Crowells had a right to meet any proposal that came in to buy the property and reclaim their interest. A fire destroyed the farmhouse while the insurance policy was still in effect. The Crowells submitted a claim to Delafield, which denied the claim on the grounds that the Crowells had no insurable interest in the property. Is the bank correct? (Crowell v. Delafield Farmers Mut., 463 N.W.2d 737)

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