. A company retains a psychologist to assess whether job applicants are suited for assembly-line work. The psychologist classifies applicants as A (well suited), B (marginal), or C (not suited). The company is concerned about event D: an employee leaves the company within a year of being hired. Data on all people hired in the past five years give these probabilities:

P(A) = 0.4 P(B) = 0.3 P(C) = 0.3

P(A and D) = 0.1 P(B and D) = 0.1 P(C and D) = 0.2

Sketch a Venn diagram of the events A, B, C, and D and mark on your diagram the probabilities of all combinations of psychological assessment and leaving (or not) within a year. What is P(D), the probability that an employee leaves within a year?


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