solving the us democracy in crisis foreign interference in elections write a 4 5 page paper building on the outline from midterm

Fourth Step: Final Paper

1) Final: A 4-5 page Paper building on the outline from midterm

• I expect you to “grow” from the midterm to the final version, improving and revising heavily to come up with a finished product that shows your knowledge by the end of the course. I don’t expect you to be a strong political science student at midterm, but do expect you to be more well-versed and knowledgeable on the subject by final week vs. Week 1

• Questions to ask yourself:

o Have I done additional research and re-drafting since the midterm?

o Did I try to incorporate the instructor’s feedback from midterm version into final version?

o Did I proofread carefully so that the final version is clean – limiting grammatical and spelling errors?

o 4-5 page requirement does not include bibliography, e.g. it should be longer than 4-5 pages after you include sources

Other considerations:

• 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced

• APA/MLA/APSA format required.

• At least 6 researched sources presented in bibliographical format

• Do not plagiarize, please cite properly. Plagiarism can result in receiving a zero on the assignment and instructor reporting the student to the College for violation of Academic Integrity

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