sports marketing 5

You have just been hired as a sport marketer at a university. You are required to create and develop an effective sport marketing plan to attract potential customers and ultimately convert them to sales. Select one of the sports teams (e.g., baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, tennis, soccer, softball, volleyball, women’s track, etc.) and carry out a SWOT analysis for the selected team. Evaluate the sport team’s overall strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Based on your SWOT analysis of the sport team, develop a strategic sport marketing plan including at least five to ten steps (e.g., mission, situation analysis, marketing strategy, marketing mix, implementation and control) to help the team grow over the next two years and then over the next five or ten years.

Facts about the University: This University has recently made a transition from being a former NCAA II to NCAA DI athletic program. For this reason, they lack a lot of resources (tangible and financial) compared to other established NCAA Division I institutions. The school is a mid-size public university serving approximately 7,500 students and approximately 300 of those students are athletes. There is one director of facilities, one director of development (corporate sales), and one director for annual giving/donors. The local community that makes-up the majority of the fan and donor base average ages are 65 years or older. There are quite a few wealthy individuals in this category that have not made a philanthropic donation yet to athletics but have proven to donate to other causes in the area. It has also been stated to be “up and coming” area for millennial the millennial workforce. Most sponsorships and corporate partners are local businesses within the surrounding community. There are still many businesses that have gone untapped to sign-on as a sponsor/partner.

There is no funding source for this project yet. Sources of possible funding include increasing student fees, private philanthropic donations, findings new sponsorships, and a floating bond from the University.

University student enrollment numbers are continually growing compared to other Universities across the U.S. that have been stagnant in their student enrollment.

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