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Hello, I need a 2-3 page essay with the following criteria.

One thing I can say for sure: with rare exceptions, you will find this our current topic – stress – very relevant to your life. Writing assignment #2 takes off from the gentler warm-up in the paired discussion in this unit. Here it is in a nutshell: you’ll present an original example of a stressor, you’ll describe and analyze the coping response used, then you’ll consider alternative coping responses. Feel free to use a stressor you described in the discussion, polished up and expanded for this more formal assignment. Talk about yourself if you choose, or an external example you know well.


This assignment addresses the following APA learning objectives:

  • Knowledge Base in Psychology
    • Understand and apply key concepts
  • Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking
    • Select, apply and evaluate problem-solving strategies
  • Communication
    • Demonstrate effective writing
    • Note: The Colorado Commission on Higher Education mandates writing assignments for this course

My central aim in this assignment is to have students use what we are learning in text, to go beyond what they thought they knew before taking the class and reading the chapter, to go beyond common understanding and popular media messages. There is a challenge inherent in the study of psychology: the material is often so close to our experience we sometimes think we know it without having to study it. So: make sure the text is very well represented in your work, represented in your own words; compare and contrast the related text account with your experience, or that of the subject of your example. The example comes from you; the analysis extends beyond you, beyond hearsay, common understandings, and individual experience. It applies what we are learning.


Your response will involve three separate responses, each in separate sections. I don’t mandate page limits, because what matters is substance, content. A hallmark of good writing is economy of expression, no words wasted. That takes close attention to the craft of writing. Saying the what you intend, fully, in fewer words, takes more work. Every good writer knows that. Be guided by the task at hand. Write what is needed to answer the questions. Get help from the excellent people at our Writing Center – the link is posted in Canvas, to your left. Don’t wait. And: if you use references outside of our text, simply provide enough information for me to track it down.

Organize your submission using these headers and subheaders:

  • The Stressor and Response – Described and Examined
    • Stressor Described
    • Stressor Examined
    • Physical Stress Response
    • Psychological Stress Response
  • The Coping Response
    • The Coping Response Used
    • Alternative Coping Responses

Submit your assignment via file upload in Canvas (get help if you need it at 855 631-2250).


(Use headers and subheaders I provide in bold below)

The Stressor and Response Described and Examined

  • Stressor Described. It can be a personal example or taken from someone you’ve known well.
    • If you choose, feel free to use the example you presented in the paired discussion. If you do that, re-write your discussion post to meet the expanded requirements of this more formal assignment. No copy-and-paste.
    • Give a full, rich account.
  • Stressor Examined.
    • How does this example fit the definition of a stressor? Explain.
    • Was it chronic or not? How so?
    • Discuss the role of control.
    • Was it related to social relationships in any way? Explain.
  • Physical Stress Response
    • What was the physical response?
      • Describe the physical response explicitly.
      • Did the response match Selye’s GAS formulation? Did you get sick?
      • Does money play a role suggested in our text?
      • Are you Type A or B? How does this relate to your response?
  • Psychological Stress Response
    • Describe the psychological response explicitly, noting reactions not in text as well as those that are.
      • What was the primary appraisal?
      • What was the secondary appraisal?
      • Was it seen as a threat or challenge? Why does that matter?
      • What is “burnout?” Did this happen?

The Coping Response

  • The Coping Response Used
    • Describe the coping strategy used, applying text concepts explicitly.
    • What general kind of coping response was it?
      • See “Stress Management: Dealing With It” – Mind Management, Body Management or Situation Management? Explain.
    • Next, what specific strategy was used?
      • Describe in full, concrete detail, linking to relevant text.
      • Evaluate: Did it work? How, and how well?
      • What does the text tell us about the efficacy of this strategy?
  • Alternative Coping Responses
  • Next, consider alternative coping strategies by drawing explicitly from text.
    • What alternative might you suggest?
      • How does it work?
      • Why might it work?
      • Have you or other you know tried it?
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