strong argument choose any of the following topics down below in requirements

Here are the requirements for essay 2:

      1. Four (4) to five (5) pages (not counting your Works Cited).
      2. MLA format
      3. Four (4) credible sources.*

For a strong argument, be sure to:

  • Support your claims with credible source information and sound reasoning. (logos and ethos)
  • Explore all sides of the issue, providing a valid counterclaim to your argument. (don’t go weak here. If you use a weak, and therefore, easily defeated counterargument, your audience will see right through that, damaging your ethos and logos.)
  • Create a strong rebuttal that shows the weakness in the counterclaim, crushing it. (logos and ethos)
  • Show your audience why they should care. (pathos)
  • Maintain a balance of the persuasive appeals, logos, pathos, and ethos.
  • Avoid using fallacies.

* Essay 2 Topics

  1. Social media is a great/poor source for current news
  2. Millennials are/are not entitled brats
  3. AI will/will not take over the world
  4. Long distance/online relationships are/are not healthy/realistic
  5. Public cameras are/are not a violation of privacy
  6. Drug testing in the workplace is/is not a violation of our rights
  7. The right to have/not have children
  8. College degrees are/are not necessary for success
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