summary and writing 3 articles about displaced left turns

I need to writing when gathering notes, you should avoid simply copying and pasting passages from the journal articles but rather focus on expressing the thoughts in the you’ own words. While doing this, passages may be copy and pasted (within quotes) and properly referenced but these must accompany an explanation of the passage/section as developed by you . The point is to display knowledge and understanding. and we will be reading and gathering notes from a set of three (3) journal articles provided below.. These journal articles include reading and gathering notes from a set of three (3) articles attached. These articles include:

1- “Operational Effects of Continuous Flow Intersection Geometrics: A Deterministic Model” by Diego H. Carroll and Derek Lahusen,

3- “Performance Analysis of Parallel Flow Intersection and Displaced Left-Turn Intersection Designs” by Amit Dhatrak, Praveen Edara, and Joe G. Bared,

3- “Design and Operational Performance of Crossover Displaced Left-Turn Intersections” by Ramanujan Jagannathan and Joe G. Bared,

* Note:

1- The main focus on these articles in Displaced Left Turns.

2-Please write each topic in a different/separate paragraph, and the total is going to be 3 paragraphs.

I will upload all articles as pdf files and if you have any questions plz let me know.

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