summary for vygotsky work

This assignment we should write a page to a page and half on how we as a group is supporting each other in these times (COVID 19) since classes became online than follow the instructions below. This week’s summary is directly related to Week 10 Lecture, videos, and Chapter 10 reading in your text.

‘attached is the lecture and videos and rubric also an example of the same assignment.

Then answer the following questions:

  1. Leader’s name for the week (1 pt)
  2. Try something different here and get a full point. (1 pt)
  3. What was the method of your check-in (e.g. e-mail, video, zoom, Facebook messenger, etc.) (.5 pt for the same method or 1 pt trying a different method like video, conference call)
  4. How did your group support each other (3 points)
    • Academically? Turning assignments in on time? late?
    • Wellbeing check in? Exercise, eating, sleep, time management, social connection, connection to nature, mood/mental health, financial health, etc. Do the biopsychosocialspiritual check in.
    • Technology assistance?
    • What is the group or members of the group struggling with?
    • How can/did you help each other?
    • What is the group flourishing in?
  5. Now, your group needs to create a learning scenario that uses Vygotsky’s concepts of Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), Scaffolding, and MKO (Most Knockledable Other). (5 pts)
  6. Select a skill you want to teach and use the information included in your text, lecture, and videos. How will you get the learner to the zone of doing the task independently? Walk us through the steps. What is the end result you are aiming for? (e.g. Our group wants to teach a child how to do basic math addition/subtraction). Make sure the skill is age-appropriate. How old is the child? You can select an adult age. Then explain how you will take the person from step one to your end result using Vygotsky’s concepts. This needs to be at least a paragraph and mention ZPD, Scaffolding, MKO, and the four key skills: summarizing, questioning, clarifying, and predicting.
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