survey research questionnaire

While we await the response from the Office of Human Research to begin our interview process, we should begin to craft a survey. Many of your “qualitative interview instrument” proposed questions are a better fit for a survey (which seems to be your class’s preference). While a good qualitative interview to initiate a project is best as unstructured or semi-structured, surveys tend to work for larger samples with a bit more direction. Of course, BIAS needs to be considered and avoided where possible (you will get the responses to support your preconceived notions if you are not careful in neutral question construction and the options (prompts) that you create. Not a desirable thing when you are trying to discover new information, perceptions, or opinions.

Pool the themes that emerged from your interview outlines and build a survey for administration to a cohort of University members on their personal preparation for seventy-two hours of self-support after a major disaster with power failure and water supply issues.

Who, what, when, where, and why, or why not! What preparation and experience does the subject have or intend to obtain?

Please develop twenty (20) questions that could be built into a survey research tool. Not more than 5 (five) of these should be ‘demographic’ or defining of the respondent (age, gender, education, marital status, income, etc.)

Please discuss why you choose the format (free text, multiple-choice, true/false-yes/no, etc.) for each question that you did, and what information you hope to learn from the question. (Generally, even when you do categorize answer options, leave an “other” write-in option to avoid losing your ability to elicit a perspective you did not previously consider. Multiple choice questions etc. allow for faster analysis, but you lose richness.

Jason’s initial response to the interview outline is a good example of “clustering” selections (specifically the age question). Consider what age group clusters make logical sense in terms of anticipated perspectives and responsibilities.

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