team assignment parts xi and xii

This assignment is about a client’s Business project. The Client’s name is Neha Desai and she is planning to start a “Plant-based Snack Foods” I am attaching Neha’s presentation which contains her business plan and product detail. Besides that on the basis of Neha’s slide we have submitted some assignments which is also attached for the reference. Now, based on Neha’s slide as well as the attached assignment paper, we will be completing the next parts of our IMC Plan. We need to utilize outline to develop these portions of our plan. Below are specific directions for each part to be completed.



The budget section is a management document that identifies how much a program as a whole, and program elements, individually, will cost. While accuracy is important, for the purposes of this exercise, I will be looking only for rough estimates.

Because it is a management document, a budget is often broken out a number of ways. It can consist of:

=> a line item budget (i.e.; how much each activity costs

=> cost by objective

=> cost per quarter (or month)

=> allocation by geographic region.

timetable and CALENDAR of events


=> The timetable, or calendar of events, is your project management overview. It defines when projects start and stop. It shows when multiple executions of tactics (i.e.; radio ads, email promotions, Twitter posts etc.) will be implemented. It defines when major events take place. The timetable is a “management document” and should make obvious to management what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. It should clearly correlate in an obvious way to the budget.

=> Timetables can take on many forms. They can be as complicated as Gant Chart or can be as simple as a monthly calendar.

=> For this assignment, choose a format that you think most clearly shows the client when you would recommend executing the tactics you have laid out in the plan. Part of the value judgment you want to demonstrate is articulating the right amount of detail: not too much, but then again, not too little. Remember, this is a management communications document.

Note:- It shouldn’t be more the 1 and half page

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