term paper 164

Term Paper Instructions

IMPORTANT: Your proposal MUST follow this format or it risks rejection. A rejected paper will receive 0 points for grade and will be further scrutinized for plagiarism with serious consequences. Please include all headers in your paper. All writing should be in your own words with appropriate citations to any other works.

Paper Topic: You are to synthesize the material you learned in this course to propose a mission to discover extrasolar life to the Global Organization for an Optimistic Future (GOOF). GOOF is willing to spend unlimited funds to be the first agency to find a non-terrestrial living organism of any kind. They will select the proposal that shows the most scientific evidence for finding life with the minimal amount of money and time.

I. Introduction (~150 words)
Give an overview of the mission your propose.

II. Mission Location (~1000 words)

Select a location (e.g., a moon or planet) other than Earth where you would propose to search for extraterrestrial life. Make a valid scientific argument on why you think this location is the most promising and practical place to search.

III. Discover of Lifeforms (~1000 words)

Describe the most likely lifeforms scientists think we will find on the extrasolar planet or moon you chose. Explain how this lifeform likely survives and thrives in the described location. Your explanation should include a description of its biological process (e.g. respiration, metabolism) and the sources of energy and other requirements and how these requirements are likely available in the location.

IV. How Would We Find It (~ 250 words)

Give a description of the mission or observational technique(s) you propose to accomplish the mission.

IV. Conclusion (~150 words)

A summary of your proposal.

Criteria for a successful paper:

A successful paper will be at least 2500 words and will follow the format above. It will include:

  • A clear, accurate, and coherent scientific argument that uses scientifically valid information (from the Internet or journals) and many of the main concepts used in the course. Your paper should demonstrate your understanding of these concepts, not just the awareness of the terminology.
  • A clear organization and correct grammar to provide a readable and intelligent paper. It should be easy and pleasurable to read. This must include an introduction, conclusion, and the mandatory headers to help make clarify your argument.
  • Within this format, your paper should demonstrate individuality and creativity to show how you have digested and interpreted the information, and to show me it is your OWN work. Papers that read like a bunch of cut and paste text without any personality will be poorly graded.
  • A complete and consistent set of citations and references in APA, IEEE, or similar academic format. I don’t care which format you use, but be consistent and thorough.
  • Pride in your work. If you don’t love it, I won’t love it.

You MUST do original work. I will be very strict on anything that is copied from the Internet, purchased, or “borrowed” from another student’s paper – it is plagiarism. Don’t go there.

















These files and web pages are the assignments and videos used in this course. Please complete the report based on this course. Thank you!

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