the 100 homework questions 4

Questions 1

After reading Trifles, briefly describe what stage space would you use if you were directing a production of the play? Give at least two specific examples from the play describing and explaining what action is happening and how you’re staging the action on that particular stage type. Make sure to mention the names of the characters in your examples and what stage action is occuring.

Questions 2

After reading this chapter and viewing the lecture, create a thread to discuss the following questions:

1. Using information and quotations from the textbook chapter, explain and defend which type of stage space you feel would be best suited for the following productions: a large-scale musical, an intimate personal drama, a Shakespearean tragedy, and a play of political protest.

2. The size of theatre spaces can range from fewer than 100 spectators to more than 3,000. What do you consider an ideal-sized theatre for the following types of productions: a musical, a Shakespeare play, a modern family drama? Suggest the ideal number of audience seats for each and the shape and size of the ideal stage space for each.

You may attach a file to this post, if you want.

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