the cause s of the disease how the disease disturbed the anatomy and or physiology of the organ s organ system s involved the symptoms associated with the disease treatments available and any other historical notes or relevant information

The disease of choice is MRSA infection.Your paper should be composed in indented paragraphs. Make sure that the sentences within the paragraphs are all topically united and cohesive, and that the paper has an overall logical flow. This paper should be written formally, at the collegiate level, and must have a professional outlook. Write formally, as if you were presenting this information to your peers in the class. You should use the technical language of this discipline, but do not veer into extreme detail that only a specialist would know. Please avoid using the first- or second-person point. Completed project must be APA format, typed, and title page must contain the course name, student’s name and submission date. Proper spelling and grammar must be present. Please use 1” margins, and a standard font size of 12. The font of choice should be a standard font style like Calibri, Cambria, Times New Roman, or Arial. Make sure that your font is consistent throughout the paper, especially if you are typing on multiple devices! Use doublespacing, and do not have extra spaces in-between your paragraphs. NOTE: You will have to change the default settings on most word processing programs to comply with these guidelines. Change the settings before you start typing! The minimum length is five (5) pages. Note that this does NOT include the title page, first page abstract, nor the Works Cited page. You MUST use in-text citations and include a Works Cited page. If you cite a source within the paper, it must appear in the Works Cited page; conversely, all works in the Works Cited page must be cited within the paper. You will be using APA format for the citations. You must use a minimum of four (4) sources, but I strongly recommend digging for more, even when it comes to researching basic information on the disease that you have chosen. Additionally, at least two (2) Disease Paper Project pg. 2 of your sources must be peer-reviewed articles. Other sources can include websites that have .org or .gov endings. When citing these websites, only use one citation, even if you visit multiple pages within the overall site. This assignment will be submitted electronically through Blackboard. Content: The report must contain: • Paper must be in APA format which includes a running head, abstract, in-text citations, and references. • Title page containing course name, course number, project name, student name and submission date. • An introduction explaining the cause(s) of the disease, its discovery, and epidemiology. • The body of the project should contain a brief discussion on the demographic settings (you can include in this this summary about specialty physicians or patient types). • The body of the project should contain how the disease disturbed the anatomy and/or physiology of the organ(s)/organ system(s) involved, the symptoms associated with the disease, treatments available, and any other historical notes, global implications, or relevant information you find interesting. • Your paper should also have a conclusion of your research findings. • Finally, there should be a list of at least four (4) resources used to compile report information. Each entry should be specific as to source, author, date, publisher or web location. URLs should be both the URL to the home page and the direct URL to the webpage containing the data. The Reference List must be in APA Format. Wikipedia is NOT a valid resource.

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