the purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding of developing and styling simple web pages using html and css


User story:

oA user story is a user-centric description of a feature of a product/website.

oConsider a user story to be short and something that describes how a specific feature of a

website is useful to and adds value to (or benefits) a user.

oIt has 3 main parts when it is written and is often accompanied by a set of acceptance criteria

(i.e. specific things that help determine whether the user story has been implemented).

oA user story is typically written as follows (with the 3 parts and the acceptance criteria):

As a type_of_user,

I need to do_something,

So that I can get_some_benefit.

Acceptance criteria: User performs interaction A

1) User clicks on something

2) User submits something

3) etc.

Acceptance criteria: User performs interaction B

1) …

2) …


oThe aim of user stories is to help developers understand how a feature could be used by the

user and how the feature benefits the user.

oThis helps translate the needs identified in the personas and through user research into

tangible deliverables for the product to be developed.

oThis technique is used to summarize a list of features in software development, and therefore

becomes important when we start working on web development projects as well.

In this assignment…

oThe sample output for a web page is given and is accompanied by a few user stories to

highlight specific requirements.

oAcceptance criteria listed along side the user stories are also used in the marking scheme.

Scenario and Task Explanation:

The owner of this website is a mysterious astro-droid named R2SA from the year 2187. R2SA is

on earth in 2019 as a result of a time-warp.

This droid has been observing humans (and human interactions on the WWW via the Internet)

since 2019 and has become more intelligent, with human-like emotions, over the course of time

having consumed all the content that humans have posted online on Earth.

R2SA has become interested in sharing information about sharing all the experiences that are

recorded in its system from the many years that it has served under the new Galactic Republic.

It has reached out to you to develop a blogging website.

Some details about the website itself — it is a single page website that includes two main

sections on the homepage:

o(The_first_section) Some information about the website, who’s the author, a picture of the

author, etc.

o(The_second_section) Blog articles.

oSince it is still just the starting point, R2SA doesn’t want you to implement the layout, just yet.

It wants you to do the following:

§Think of what information to share — R2SA wants you to suggest what type of information it

can share. Remember, it has a lot of information (and different types of information) in its

digital memory (capacity 1024 yottabytes or 1024 x 10 24 bytes).

§Think of TWO (2) x types of users (through personas) who can use this information.

§Think of the styles to be used (colours – both background/text, spacing, etc.) for the web page’s


§Implement a basic non-layout version of the web page.

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