The two types of academic research


Definition of academic research

There are two main types of academic research: analytical and argumentative. For a claim or thesis to be supported in any category, significant study is necessary. Argumentative analysis

Argumentative research paper questions can be found in some college essay prompts. A thesis statement, which the writer uses to express his position on the subject, is necessary. With this particular paper, the thesis is based on a contentious topic that is open to debate and has counterarguments that are addressed throughout the research. As with any paper, the student is expected to use both primary and secondary sources to support the thesis throughout the whole paper.


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the two sorts of scholarly investigation

Analysis-based research

In this kind of research, a question that requires additional investigation is posed by the author. The motivation behind that study is the question itself. While discussing the subject, the writer is supposed to stay impartial and take no positions. The author is not trying to persuade the reader that his thoughts are correct. The entire paper will present a critical interpretation using both primary and secondary sources. He needs to cite the sources that support his analysis of the work.


The procedure is the similarity between the two kinds of study. Writing research papers is an essential procedure. A preset notion or idea must be partially abandoned in order for the research process to lead to a new conclusion. It’s difficult, especially for fresh students, to write a research paper. This is as a result of the fact that they have a lot of thoughts prepared before they begin writing. When the data collecting is still underway, that specific detailing is not possible for research articles.

When he hasn’t gone very far into his work, a competent writer must decide on his thesis and conclusion. Different academic writing styles, such as expository writing, are used in research papers. Secondary and primary sources are both used in the research report. In reaching a conclusion, the thesis or claim serves as a guide.

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