there is a 350 word minimum requirement for your initial post for discussion 3 1 this post needs to be submitted by 11 59 pm cst thursday march 12 your two posts in response to your classmates needs to be submitted by sunday march 13 at 11 59 pm cst

Discussion 3.1-Social Determinants

  • Why does “place” matter in aging?
  • How can city planning enhance aging?
  • How does aging affect family dynamics?


There is a 350-word minimum requirement for your Initial Post for Discussion 3.1. This post needs to be submitted by 11:59 pm CST Thursday, March, 12. Your two posts in response to your classmates needs to be submitted by Sunday, March 13 at 11:59 pm CST. 125 word minimum for your classmate’s responses.

Please participate in the Social Determinants discussion after completing the reading in the textbook & article, visiting the website and watching the videos.

Instructions: For this discussion, use the information from the textbook, article, website, and the videos for Module 3 to answer the following:

1. Examine the article on Dutch multi-generational living. What are the pros and cons of University students living with the elderly?

2. Expand on the importance of place in aging & what can we do differently to aid the elderly in their living arrangements?

3. What are the pros and cons of the CAPABLE program?

4. What might you do now to ensure a successful retirement? What do you see yourself doing in retirement?

5. Discuss the changes in the family dynamics in “The Curtain Call” & “More Than a 1000 Tomorrows” videos. What other options did these families have that were not explored? What options should have been provided for these families?

6. You may add any new, relevant information to this discussion in the form of a youtube, article or anecdote to earn the 100 possible points.

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