Thesis Statement And Source Analysis


Approved Research topic:  Is telehealthcare a good option for nursing homes?


For this assignment, you will write the thesis statement for your research paper and provide a preliminary list of at least six sources for approval by your instructor.

  1. Create a single-sentence thesis statement that provides  an overview of your debatable topic as well as the two major arguments  relating to that topic. Keep each of these hints in mind as your craft      your thesis:
  • Your thesis statement should match your approved topic.
  • A thesis statement is a single declarative sentence (not a question).
  • It must be written in the third person only.
  1. Create an APA-formatted reference page with at least six      potential sources that you plan to use both for your annotated      bibliography (due next week) and your final research paper. Keep in mind      the following hints:
  • The appropriate heading for your reference page is the        single word References, which should be centered in lightface Roman font        (not boldface, italics, or underlined.)
  • The reference page should be written using Times New        Roman 12 point font, double-spaced with 1″ margins, and no extra        spaces between citations.
  • Entries should be listed in alphabetical order by        author’s last name.
  • When you cite an author in the reference page, list        the last name first, then the first initial (Lincoln, A.). Do not write        the full first name when using APA formatting.
  • In an APA citation, only the first word and proper        nouns are capitalized in an article or book title. The first word after        a colon is also capitalized (e.g., “The strange quirks of APA:        Understanding capitalization”).
  • For each citation, all lines after the first line of        each entry should be indented one half-inch from the left margin.
  • Refer to this website for great help on exactly how to        properly cite sources and format your reference page:
  • You will be required to use at least ten scholarly        sources for your final paper, and you may list all ten here for approval        if desired.
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