Thought Responses

Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words. These are thought responses and will require no references, just your thoughts on the prompts.

Prompt 1:

Strong and compelling compensation and benefits packages being offered by organizations, businesses and industries are now at the forefront of Job searches, therefore human resources departments and their recruiters are being pushed to engage, attract and recruit a strong and diverse workforce in which they can retain because the new employees needs are being met. A few of the main benefits that are attractive to new recruits is the medical, dental, vision and 401K/retirement packages. Depending on if any of the organizations, businesses and industries are tied to any unions, is how competitive they will make their benefits package or at least part of the package. The factors that must be considered and are leading the employers to create good compensation and benefits package that appeal to a diverse workforce are the number of growing families, the number of students graduating college and are responsible for their own healthcare, well qualified recruits looking to move to competitive companies, and the trying to keep really well rounded, qualified and experienced employees on the job. Just about all of these factors if not all of them are about the same for companies and industries, the only times they would probably change is within an industries that you can retire early from our offer early buyouts other then that I see recruits across the board all looking for packages with strong medical, dental, vision and 401K/retirement packages in their best interest. In my opinion recruits young and old are all looking for these types of benefits packages and when they find the right company they are trying to stay as long as possible especially the way the economy and professional work culture is changing, everyone wants job security as well as retirement security, so being upfront and only accepting what we are looking for is the way to go. A lot of companies and industries are trying not to get into disputes with unions so they are offering to help employees create a de facto right to work environment and even in some cases offering employees long term employment offers, with stipulations.

Prompt 2:

There are plenty of benefits that are attractive to recruits but what standout and grab the attention of most people are medical, dental, and vision. I will absolutely commit to an organization if the company offers a pension and matches 10 percent of your 401k. Yes, that is hopeful thinking, but what I would like to implement the most valuable benefits recruits will automatically respond to. So we will provide medical, dental and vision because it most definitely will be cheaper if you package the three through the outside vendor. Next depending on if the organization has a union we will be able to implement a pension based on apprentice and journeymen monthly dues will pay towards retired employees that were once apprentice and journeymen. We also want to pay close attention to attendance, we want the recruits to understand we care about their health, by rewarding them with five paid yearly absents based on their attendance. Three consecutive absences will be considered 1 occurrence will be a verbal 2nd occurence will be written and 3rd occurence will be termination. We will notice all national holidays and give recognition to other known days and months that deserve it such as LGBT, Juneteen, Mental Health, Breast Cancer, Easter and etc. These are all benefits and compensations that are intriguing to the eyes of recruits, base construction does not pay you if you miss a day, not all companies or organizations recognize holidays outside of national holidays.

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