three paragraph paper on term natural capital

You must use three references. The main one is the textbook chapters 1 and 2 which I am attaching. You must also use two additional scholarly references from peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Bensel, T., & Carbone, I. (2020). Sustaining our planet. Retrieved from

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Environmental Science and Sustainability
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Ecology and Biodiversity

These are the requirements for the paper:

Instructions: Using the term that you have selected from the list provided in the classroom, please complete the following three-paragraph essay. Write a minimum of 5 to 7 well-crafted, original sentences per paragraph.In your response, you are expected to cite and reference, in APA format, at least two outside sources in addition to the class text.The sources must be credible (from experts in the field of study); at least two scholarly source (published in a peer-reviewed academic journal) is strongly encouraged. The term I have selected is “Natural Capital”

Paper format to follow:

Your Term: [type your term here]

[First Paragraph: Thoroughly define your term, using your own words to do so. In your definition, be sure explain why the term is important to know. Be as specific as possible and provide examples as necessary to support your ideas.]

[Second Paragraph: Discuss how the term affects living beings (including humans) and/or the physical environment. Provide examples as needed.]

[Third Paragraph: Suggest two clear, specific actions that you and the other students might take to promote environmental sustainability in relation to this term. Be creative and concrete with your suggestions. For example, you might recommend supporting a particular organization that is active in the field of your term. Explain exactly how those actions will aid in safeguarding our environment in relation to your chosen term.]

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