three part assignment short memo 2100 word research paper on climate change 11 slide powerpoint on research paper

1) 380 word memo

After working a few years, you would like to extend your college education on a part-time basis. You know that your education can benefit your employer, but you can’t really afford the fees for tuition and books. You have heard that many companies offer reimbursement for fees and books when employees complete approved courses with a grade C or higher.

YOUR TASK: Using the memo format, write an individual memo to your boss (make up a name) to persuade him or her to act on your persuasive request.

Word Count: 380 (Place the word count at the bottom of the letter.)

2)Guidelines for Term Paper (Research Report)

Is attached in files under the title workplan.docx

3) Powerpoint

Powerpoint presenting the content of the research paper.

The following are general requirements for the presentation:

• Prepare a PowerPoint (10 slides) containing the main points of your presentation.

• Reserve the last 2-3 slides for your Conclusions/Recommendations and your Citations.

• Share the PowerPoint slides using the information on the slides as a guide for your presentation.

Also, be mindful of the following criteria:

1. Establish yourself

2. Establish your credibility by identifying your

3. Explain why you picked your topic

4. Organize the Introduction well

5. Preview your main points

6. Develop two to four main points

7. Arrange your points logically

8. Apply transitions properly

9. Give your Conclusion and Recommendations

10. Tell how your Recommendations may be implemented

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