two discussion question each one 8 10 sentences 4

Choose ONLY TWO from the topics below:

Discussion Question 1: Humans are animals. Describe a real life example of sexual selection in the human population. I mean what characteristics do humans (male or female) display that are attractive to the opposite sex? Do men or women try to enhance these traits? Think about a pea cock with a heavy tail and how it attracts the pea hens, or the male lion with a dark think mane and the female response.

Discussion Question 2: What questions do you have pertaining to this new information in these chapters? What surprised you most and why?

Discussion Question 3: Can you explain to refute or support this statement? “Evolution occurs with an end product or goal for a specific organism in place.” i.e. evolution produced the greatest of all mammals……. humans.

Discussion Question 4: What are some traits that humans evolved to be successful and would you still be in the gene pool if you were placed back in time with the early humans who lived in caves? For instance: are you a fast runner, do you have 20/20 vision and good hearing, do you have a good hip – waist ratio for childbearing, do you have bushy eyebrows to keep the sweat out of your eyes while hunting, do you have allergies, or migraines? How would these traits impact your survival? Your ancestors lived – and this is a miracle considering they did not have medical treatments – to pass on their genes to you. Did you inherit genes that would allow you to be a successful early human?

Discussion Question 5: How has the world changed so that there is less pressure on human beings to evolve? Is it the same in developed or developing countries? Do the traits above still impact human success or the ability to survive? What are the traits that we need currently to survive?

Discussion Question 6: We are all different. Yet we are all human. So why should we discriminate against any other human being? The political climate in the U.S. seems to have become highly judgemental of others.

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