two page analysis essay excellent english required no plagiarism no grammar typos follow the instructions keenly

Two-page analysis essay. Excellent English required, no plagiarism no grammar typos. Follow the instructions Keenly


C-CLAIM (a major claim with it’s paragraph number in Spink’s article).

P-PRONOUNCE JUDGEMENT (either valid, invalid or fair).

E-EVIDENCE (your paraphrased finding with APA in-text citation – you need four or five findings using the research steps below).

E-EXPLANATION (your explanation of why/how the finding confirms or contradicts the claim).

L-LINK (link strongest finding to your judgement, ‘P’ above).

CRITERIA (to get an A in Analysis 1):*

1. Analysis 1 consists of two paragraphs.

2. Each paragraph should evaluate one claim using four or five findings.

3. Each claim should be followed by the paragraph(s) number(s).

4. Each finding should be followed by the APA in-text citation.

5. Each finding should also be followed by an explanation as to how the finding is relevant to the claim.

6. The claim and findings should be paraphrased to the best of your ability.

7. The last sentence links the strongest (or last) finding(s) to your evaluation.

*Remember that you do not need to complete all of the above criteria to pass in Analysis 1. But the closer you are to meeting these criteria, the closer you are to an A/A+. And you will get the opportunity to use my feedback to submit the analysis as part of the final essay.

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