unit 2 assignment 28

Answer this in your own word. Remeber I am a Manager at a Health Care Agency
We all have stress in our lives. Describe your typical response to stressful events in your life. What are some methods you could try that might help you handle such events better?

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As a firefighter, I face many stressful situation on any given shift. I have learned over the years that it pays not to get caught up in the tunnel vision affect. I have learned to stay calm and look at the big picture. It is an emergency but it is not my emergency, as bad as that sounds. If I do not stay calm and keep my people calm the situation tends to worsen. It is kind of like my drivers, if they do not drive in a safe manner and wreck us trying to get to the incident, we are helping no one. I need to remain calm, no matter what the emergency is.
I am learning new ways to manage stressful events in my life everyday. As an aspiring chief officer, I need to really learn and develop these skills to be able to lead my department. Learning how the brain functions is a lot to take in at once. I feel that a better understanding of the brain and all of its pieces will be a tremendous help in dealing with stress.

Unit 2 homework
Unit II Homework
For this assignment, you will begin by reviewing Applying Psychology to Everyday Life: Paying Attention to AttentionDeficit/Hyperactivity Disorder on pp. 87–88 of the eTextbook. Now, imagine that you are a university psychology professor. One of your students, John Doe, was recently diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), combined presentation. He has e-mailed you and requested your advice and assistance with better understanding his circumstances, diagnosis, and prognosis. You will reply to John by writing an email in which you will offer him advice in the following areas. Indicate structures of the brain that are involved and biopsychology factors that could impact his emotions, learning, memory, and motivation related to your class. Describe ways in which his brain can perceive information from the outside world that could in turn impact his performance in your class. Identify suggestions that you have for John to increase his chances for success in your class as well his other courses. Your e-mail must be a minimum of 500 words in the body of the e-mail. You must use at least two sources, one of which may be your eTextbook, to support your advice. All sources used must be properly cited. Include the references at the bottom of the e-mail for your student’s reference. Please include a title page for the homework. The title page, citations, and references must be formatted in APA style.

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