universal design for learning assignment

Component 2:

Find a lesson plan to evaluate (you may use one you already have or you may find one on the internet or using another source). Using your knowledge of UDL, review the lesson plan to identify potential barriers to learning and consider how a modification based on UDL may help provide better access to students. Although UDL generally focuses on proactive design (as opposed to retro-fitting), what can you change in this lesson to make it better aligned with the principles of UDL? For full credit, you must include 6 barriers and 6 total modifications, with at least 1 for each principle of UDL. Be sure clearly identify the barrier, modification and principle for credit. See chart below. Rather than focusing on accommodations for a single student (i.e., providing materials in Braille), consider modifications that are more universal and would benefit a larger group of students. You must include the actual lesson plan with this assignment in BbLearn, not a link to the lesson plan. Regardless of the form you use to express your knowledge, use the elements in the following template to complete the task.

An example from “Teacher Voices” (Page 49 of your text) is included as an example: Barriers to Learning Lesson Modification Alignment with UDL Principle Auditory learners may struggle to master multiplication facts using teaching strategies best suited for visual learners Provide students with an opportunity to listen to multiplication facts that have been put to music Multiple Means of Representation Regardless of the method you choose for expressing your knowledge, be sure to cite your sources and provide a reference page. Aligned with the UDL principle of multiple means of expression, you have the following choices in how to express your work:

• A 3-page paper

You may use this tutorial to help you with technology: https://voicethread.com/howto/category/creating-we…

Below there’s an example of the component. Component 2 starts on page 4 of the PDF.

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