uofphoenix ldr 531 personal leadership evaluation

Wk 2 – Assessment: Personal Leadership Evaluation

Assignment Content

Review the Learning Check and your personal leadership self-assessment [uploaded leadership Evaluation .docx] in preparation for this assessment.

Purpose of Assessment

The contemporary workforce is rapidly changing from a myriad of demographics. The effective leader must be skilled in managing the diverse workforce. You will be measured on how you demonstrate the alignment of your personal values against the values of the company as well as your ability to speak clearly and with precision.


You’ve been asked to lead a session on workplace diversity at a leadership conference. Based on your knowledge and experience, explain practices you would implement to support diversity in an organization.

Write a 1000-word response that covers the following:

Describe the challenges that come with leading a diverse workforce.

Determine the skills that leaders need to lead a diverse workforce.

Utilizing the Personal Leadership Evaluation results, explain to your audience how to maximize strengths and improve weaknesses in ways to support diversity in the workplace.

Assess 3 key takeaways that you want the attendees to remember about leadership in a diverse workplace.

Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references to support your assignment. You may find valuable information from Harvard Business Review and Fast Company located in the University Library.

I will give you my logon credentials for the University Website

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