video to watch and discuss and questions to answer

Video One:

Video Two:

Questions need to be answer.

Video 1:

  1. What stands out to you from the video?
  2. Karin Bursa, the Executive VP, makes so many strong points about the topic. What are some of the key points that are made by the Executive VP of Logility?
    1. What does Karin say is different in today’s environment?
  3. What did David Goddard mention is what executive never learned? What did he say is a gap? What do you think about his statements?
  4. What other speaker mentioned what stood out to you? What was mentioned and why did their points stand out to you?
  5. What are your takeaways from watching the video?
  6. How can you relate it to what is currently happening in today’s market?

Video 2:

  1. Describe S & OP? What is it and how is it described in the video?
  2. In the class discussion, refer to the review sheet provided. How is S&OP different from CPFR?
  3. What are your takeaways from the video?
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