web design 32

Create a 4 page** website that follows web convention with the content that you have learned in this lesson’s chapters. You are going to build your responsive website skills. You will have learned about using relative measurements in this lesson that help make responsive websites possible. You are going to be working with lots of images and graphics in this lesson. To make sure you learned this lesson’s objectives, do the following with CSS:

  • Use relative measures on the pages and objects in this assignment – this includes images and tables.
  • Create a list. Use the list, to list Cool 3 main ideas from each topic in this lesson.
  • Use a different font per the directions/choices in the W3 CSS font page.
  • Change bullet points in this list.
  • Format table borders, cells, and backgrounds.
  • Create a CSS style table. Use relative measurements for padding, borders, and margin to create a highly usable and accessible table.
  • Use the table to list what you have done and where it may be found in your website.

  • Change the appearance of form elements to be responsive to user input or lack thereof (you might have to look at the W3 website for this one)
  • Use a background image somewhere in your website in an area or on a page. Make sure that the content can be easily viewed and that contrast is adquate.
  • Use gallery of images.
  • Create images that have border, shadow, rounded corners. Pick out three other CSS image or graphic features to experiment with.
  • Create a SVG image.
  • Follow web convention standards for usability and accessibility
  • Name the home page file index.html

Pixel to em conversion for relative measurements

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