what are two or three different serious problems with the mental health care system in the united states today and what are some solutions to these problems that are likely to be effective

When you craft your answer to the question you need to use reputable sources. At least 7 reputable sources are required. Feel free to use more. Try to make at least 4 of your reputable sources be academic sources, meaning they are from academic journals or books. These sources do not include most websites. You need to use the databases on the MC library website to access some or all of your sources.

  • Reputable source: A source of information that is relatively unbiased and is from a person or organization that has expertise in the issue.
  • Academic source: A source of information that is from academic journals or books published by reputable, academic authors –Authors that conduct research at academic institutions such as major research universities.

You need to upload an annotated bibliography in APA format for your paper. Here is where you should upload the assignment when it is done.

The bibliography must include full APA citations for all of the sources you plan at use for your paper and should included the minimum number of reputable and scholarly sources for the paper. In addition, under each citation you need to add a brief paragraph that describes the nature of the source (scholarly journal, scholarly book, reputable website, reputable documentary, etc. The paragraph should also outline the information about your topic the source provides. Tell me specifically how the source help you answer the question that is the assignment you have picked to do.

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