what is sociology use the terms social structure culture and socialization to answer the question what are the key differences between sociology and psychology how does each field differ in their approach to issues how do sociologist discuss race a

Due Date: March 13th (no late assignments will be graded)

Analytic Essay: This essay should be analytic, thus answering a question by using course readings and/or outside sources. Citations are required. A minimum of 5 course readings must be cited.

Plagiarism: You are expected to write your responses in your own words. Do not copy anything from another source without the required citation. Incorporate sources from this course and outside courses into your essay. You may use your own personal notes as well as relevant scholarly sources.

Citations: Cite key published sources on which you base your answers. For example, give the author’s (or authors’) last name(s) and year of publication.

Format: Answer the examination question in 1300 words. Use the formatting style of your major (eg. APA). The formatting must be consistent throughout the entirety of the essay.


Answer each Question:

  1. What is Sociology? Use the terms social structure, culture, and socialization to answer the question.
  2. What are the key differences between sociology and psychology? How does each field differ in their approach to issues?
  3. How do sociologist discuss race and racism? Use the terms structural racism, racial ideology, and colorblind-racism to answer question.
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