why are the early elementary race ethnicity test score gaps in science larger than those in reading or mathematics

RESEARCH QUESTION: Why are the early elementary race/ethnicity test score gaps in science larger than those in reading or mathematics?

Step 1:

Write a short paragraph that includes your central research question for this quarter. Why did you choose this topic? Why is it important to you? Include this paragraph at the start of essay below.

Step 2: The full paper (6-8 pages; 25 points)

Write a persuasive paper on your myth/problem. Your research question should frame your paper. Please understand that a persuasive paper is not just about convincing someone of your perspective, but it requires researching the issues, gathering evidence, and forming a nuanced claim. You should use the research you’ve read and analyzed throughout the quarter for this paper.

  • For this essay please also use non-peer reviewed sources (such as informal conversations with stakeholders to your question, news articles, news videos/documentaries, etc). For example, if you are considering the debate around homework, discuss it with an educator or a caregiver. What do they have to say about homework and school experiences? Choose 3-4 non-peer reviewed sources to explore in-depth for this paper.
  • Compare/contrast the non-peer reviewed sources with peer-reviewed articles. How do they talk about the problem? How did they conduct their research? How do they make sense of their findings? What can you learn from both that is valuable to your research question? (Include the peer-reviewed articles from previous assignments PLUS 2-3 more)

Also a seperate document where you do a critical anlaysis of one research article ( one page)

Choose one research article from a major education journal (publication year no older than 2015). Once you have identified your article, please read it, and use a graphic organizer to unpack the article.

Use a graphic organizer to address the following:

  1. Research problem as stated by the authors.
  2. What the existing research literature says about this problem – according to the authors’ review of the literature.
  3. What criteria was used for data (or population/subjects) selection. Any limitations created by selection criteria?
  4. How were the data collected? Any limitation created through particular forms of data collection?
  5. How were the data analyzed? Summary of research findings.

After creating your graphic organizer, include your own reflection (a long paragraph) on the soundness of the research, as well as critical problems, issues, and questions you would raise. What are your thoughts on the work presented in the article?

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