worksheet discussion

Part 1

Read the attached “Financial Literacy and College” and finished the attached “worksheet”.

Part 2

Watch the following video and read the following articles about finances and student debt. Then answer the questions below.

Millennials Living with their Parents (

California Student Loan Debt in Better Shape Than Nation (

7 Surprising Ways to Minimixe Student Debt (

These 10 Colleges in California Leave Graduates With the Least Student Loan Debt (

Questions: (250 words minimum)

  1. What worries you about life after college/graduation in relation to supporting yourself and/or a family?
  2. Do you worry that you will not be able to afford living in the area you would like to?
  3. What are your thoughts about student debt and the cost of education?
  4. What steps have you taken to control your student debt?
  5. What steps can you take to minimize the about of student debt you take on?
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