write a 3 page essay on climate change the essay will consist of three specific parts attached

A) Background – One page introduction to climate change highlighting causes and evidence of changes in our climate, this should focus on ice/glacier melting. Students should use at least 3 scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals to provide context to this. In this paragraph students can choose to highlight the debate on whether anthropogenically caused climate change is real, pointing out arguments for both sides and then critically express their view.

B) Regional impacts/consequences of climate change (1.5 pages) – Choose a region (Regions may include (but is not restricted to any state of the USA (North/South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Georgia or internationally Arctic/Antarctic Ice sheets, Syria,…) to discuss global climate change related impacts to either society or biodiversity. Impact must be contextualized with at least one scientific literature (peer reviewed scientific journal article).

C) Solutions (half page) – discuss your view on potential solutions to global warming using scientific reasoning principles, and critically discuss the feasibility of implementing strategies pointed out?

Grading of this assignment will be strictly based on the published rubric. (Provided with screenshots).

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