write a 850 1 500 word response 1

Write a 850 – 1,500 word response to the State of the Media 2019 > Digital News Fact Sheet and Public Broadcasting Fact Sheet. (Links to an external site.)There are several questions below for you to answer after reading both the Digital News Fact Sheet and the Public Broadcasting Fact Sheet of the State of the Media 2019. Generate an accurate response to each question based on the reading; type your response in your own words, and do not copy and paste the information from the reading as your answer. Be sure to read the instructions for help in formatting your document and structure details.


  • Write in third-person only
  • Single-spaced, no more than four sentences per paragraph, 1 spacing line to separate paragraphs
  • Include an Introduction and Conclusion
  • Type using Microsoft Word and save document as a word.doc (save as initial of first name and lastname.doc) – Example: ATabb.doc
  • Font size: 11 pt. or 12 pt.
  • Font options: Times New Roman, Times, Arial, Helvetica or Georgia
  • See the attached (style/format) document example
  • Perform a grammar, spelling and punctuation check
  • The word count only includes the introduction, body, and conclusion

Digital News Fact SheetQuestions to answer:

  1. What is a digital-native news outlet?
  2. Describe the climate for the highest traffic for mobile app availability for digital-native news outlets?
  3. Compare and contrast the median annual wage for newsroom employees in the digital-native sector. Provide at least two examples (e.g., news analysts, editors, photographers).

Public Broadcasting Fact SheetQuestions to answer:

  1. In terms of television, how does NewsHour generate its revenue; what are nonpublic streams?
  2. Based on the reading, how has U.S. public broadcasters been able to maintain relatively financial stability in the past year?
  3. Would you consider independent giving and or underwriting revenue important for local public radio news stations? Why or why not?

How to submit this assignment?

Upload, as an attachment, your document for grading into this assignment submission in Canvas. You are not required to use AP style, but you must use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.


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