write a descriptive essay on the topic the tumor microenvironment a scientific brief 1

The Virginia Academy of Science is requesting for scientific articles from experts in the field of oncology for their monthly scientific publication, following your reading of Chapter 16 from The Molecular Basis of Cancer textbook by Mendelsohn et al, write a descriptive essay on the topic “The Tumor Microenvironment – A Scientific Brief”. You should employ additional scientific


literature including
review articles in your research on the topic and be sure to use the AMA writing format. There is a two (2) page length limit on this

paper but
it should be detailed, comprehensive, well organized and should have the appropriate language for scientific communication.

Writing Clues:

Use appropriate sub-headings to organize your essay and make it easy to read

Use specific and clear examples to highlight your understanding of the concepts

Use the appropriate scientific language and terminology for the topic and your scientific audience/readers/policy makers

Emphasize the clinical aspects of the topic – talk about specific diseases that relate to the topic

Attached is CH 16

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