write a letter 6

Successful business makes hard decisions

You are a partner in a manufacturing firm that has grown rapidly in the past 10 years. The firm started out with your idea. Three of your fellow classmates and I as well as yourself,all equal partners, built this organization from the ground up. Annual sales is currently in the millions annually and everyone is getting rich! Yea US!

We have a virtual office as all five of us choose to live in locations all over the country. My contribution is distribution of our products. Each year the cost of distribution has increased. Not a bad thing as it was due to our increased in sales. At our last Teleconference, it was decided by majority vote, to outsource the distribution of our products. The entire logistics division (125 employees) will be closed. Both UPS and FEDEX are competing for our logistics business. The outsourcing will save the company in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Your task is to draft an email to let me know you are letting me go as the company has no need for a logistics division in the company.

Use the information you have learned in the text to write your email and submit through Canvas.

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