write a paper 4 pages maximum double spaced about human growth and development

Attached is the textbook.

I could not upload the textbook. if you do not find it attached, you can find it in this link:

The textbook link:…

The required is to write a paper 4 pages maximum double-spaced about human growth and development. Follow the professor instructions and his requirements which shown bellow.

Also, use any source you think it’s helpful beside the textbook and include the proper citations using APA style.

Use some charts.

Professor instructions:

  • Write a paper.The paper should be three-to-four pages maximum, and double-spaced. Please include proper citations and a reference list using APA style. The reference list may be a fifth page.

  • Imagine that—because of your knowledge of human growth and development—you have been selected to give information about continuities and changes across the lifespan.What major changes or issues would you highlight?In other words, what do you think are some of the most important challenges and opportunities that arise during our lifetime?Focus on five periods of the lifespan: (1) infancy and toddlerhood; (2) middle childhood; (3) adolescence and emerging adulthood;(4) middle and late adulthood; (5) death and dying.
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