write a reflective skills journal

write a Reflective Skills Journal.

Maximum 3,000 words.

  • Write in the first person. I, me, we etc.
  • Academic references are not a requirement but can make the assignment stronger. If you use references, add a reference list at the end of the bottom. There might only be one or two references if you include any at all.
  • The important thing to remember is to avoid description of your experiences. You need to show analytical skills and the ability to critically reflect
  • You need to use the proforma framework that I provided. It will give you structure and word limits for each section.
  • No Plagiarism!!!

Assessment objectives:

  • Articulate your values and the values of the industries in your chosen sector.(reflect on marketing in general, in addition to a specialised industry feel free to combine them or reflect on how they differ. If in doubt about what industry you might work in, just stick to marketing in general. To know more about the values of that industry, do your research into big names in that industry and get a general feel.)
  • Explore your self-awareness to support your career planning
  • Evidence of analysis of your skills, achievements and experiences (i.e. examples providing evidence of your employability skills)
  • Critically reflect on your employability skills
  • Objectively set an action plan to support professional development
  • Comprehensive and well documented skills journal

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