write a research paper on henry moore 4 page paper and 1 page bibliography

You will be researching a 20th or 21st century artist (Henry Moore).

Art does not exist in a vacuum but it is created at a specific time and place, and it is a response by the artist to the things seen and experienced around him/her. You are to find out those circumstances that existed on a personal and social level that influenced your particular artist.

Consider including any of the following information:

  • Basic facts about the artists life; date of birth and death, country of origin, education, major artistic influences, other artists they worked with, preferred material to work with, etc.
  • What did the artist have to say about their own work and influences?
  • What was going on in the world of the artist that they would be reacting to in; politics, music, literature, what was popular/controversial.
  • You must include your personal analysis and interpretation of one piece of artwork by the artist and include your personal reactions to what you think the artist was trying to say with their artwork as a whole and in regard to the one specific piece.
  • How does this particular piece of work fit into the artist’s work as a whole, which other pieces relate closely, in what way do they relate in structure, material, or other ways.

Seeing art in person is a very important part of the process. While I am not requiring you to visit the artwork I do believe it is beneficial. Above I have listed the location of the work available to view so that if you decide to visit it you will know where to find it. You may also want to consider the following to discuss if you visit the work.

  • Take a long look at the work in its’ environment, how does it work within or relate to; the open space, buildings, other important art work close by, and does it influence the other things around it and how.
  • How do you think you relate to it in person as opposed to it in just a picture which takes it out of context in both location and size? What is your general feeling about the artwork?

4 page paper plus a bibliography page. Be sure to fully document all source material according to MLA standards using endnotes and a Bibliography. Even if you do not quote or paraphrase from a source, if you read it and it pertains to your subject, list it on the Bibliography.

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