write an essay 313

Essay #2: “Learning Power”

English 100—Fall 2019

Length:At least three typed pages (11-point font, double-spaced)


Prompt: Referring to at least three of the assigned readings, write an essay that answers the question posed on page 112 by the authors of Rereading America: “Does education empower [the student], or does it stifle personal growth?”


A successful paper will have effective content and organization including:

  • An effective introduction (both interesting and focused);
  • A clear central point (thesis statement). This should be the last sentence in the introduction paragraph;
  • Easy-to-follow organization;
  • A satisfying conclusion;
  • Essays must conform to standard MLA document design. Your paper must be typewritten using a standard 11-point font. Please double-space.

A successful paper will effectively and properly integrate at least 3 of the assigned readings to strengthen the argument, which will include:

  • Adequate and relevant supporting information, including
    • a properly and effectively quoted source
    • and a properly and effectively paraphrased source, to at least three assigned readings;
  • Include in-text citations to indicate author and/or page number of your sources;
  • When you incorporate a source in your paper, be sure to include a signal phrase. For example:
  • A works cited page.

In “I Just Wanna Be Average,” Mike Rose argues, “Students will float to the mark you set” (145).

Nicole Hannah-Jones explains in “Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City” that despite her “worry” she knew her decision was “the just one” (157).

Malcolm X contends that after learning to read he “never had been so truly free in [his] life” (2);

A successful paper will have clarity and an academic tone including:

  • Very few spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors;
  • Avoid 1st and 2nd person point of view
  • Addressing the Opposing viewpoint
  • Write 5 paragraph essay that include:

Introduction Paragraph:

Includes a “hook” to capture the audience’s attention

Explains and expresses the significance of the topic (Why is it important?)

Gives background information about the topic

Introduces authors and readings, if necessary

Includes a clear thesis statement with a plan of development

Body Paragraphs

Provides a clear topic sentence that states the focus of this section and echoes the message in the thesis

Has strong major detail sentences that introduce support for the topic sentence

Include enough detail to make the ideas clear and meaningful

Uses quotations effectively (quote sandwich)

Correctly documents quotations and paraphrased ideas

Uses transitions for clarity.

Concluding Paragraph

Restates the thesis statement

Summarizes main points in essay

Wraps up the essay in a meaningful way without introducing new ideas

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