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Problem 32. Race and smoking 2013 Data collected in 2013 by the behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System revealed that in the state of New Jersey, 14.7% of whites and 18.8% of blacks were cigarette smokers. Suppose these proportions were based on samples 11,112 white and 1916 blacks.

A) Create a 90% confidence interval for the difference in the percentage of smokers between black and white adults in New Jersey.

B) Does the survey indicate a race-based difference in smoking among American adults? Explain, using your confidence interval to test an appropriate hypothesis.

C) What alpha level did you test use?

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Problem 40. Politics and sex One month before the election, a poll of 630 randomly selected voters showed 54% planning to vote for a certain candidate. A week later, it became known that he had had as extramarital affair, and a new poll showed only 51% of 1010 voters supporting him. Do these results indicate a decrease in voter support for his candidacy?

A) Test an appropriate hypothesis and state your conclusion.

B) If you concluded there was a difference, estimate that difference with a confidence interval and interpret your interval irt context.

for this one I found different answer from chegg but it is not same like slader there for double check if it is the right answer

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