writing about a picture about the war 1

Post should be in your own words.

No outside research except content that is in the Module for Week 7, the text and the assigned links
Use only the links that have been provided here in this Discussion 7
Show understanding of the material for Week 7 as you write your posts.
Do not embed images of the posters

Initial Post- World War 1 Posters

General Information about the posters (Links to an external site.)

Choose a poster from the links below

United States Posters (Links to an external site.)

British, French, German, and Austrian posters. (Links to an external site.)

Answer each of the following questions in your initial post. Do not number or repeat the questions.
1. Name the poster. What is it about ? What nation is it from? Describe the poster in detail and make sure you display knowledge of historical setting/context of the poster.

  1. What is the poster “advertising”? What is it trying to persuade or appeal? For instance why did they use certain words or images?
  2. How did studying this poster add to your knowledge of World War 1?
  3. Would you term your poster “propaganda”? Why or why not? Explain.
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