writing and critical assignment sociplogy 101

W&CT paper #2: 40 points possible

Assigned Readings:

Nikki Jones, “Working the Code: On Girls, Gender, and Inner-City Violence”

Kelsy Burke, “Overcoming the Obscene in Evangelical Sex Websites”

Jeannine Gailey, “Fat Shame to Fat Pride: Fat Women’s Sexual and Dating Experiences”

Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleave, “Separate and Unequal Justice”

For each reading, explore how the individuals were negatively labeled (i.e., stigmatized) either implicitly or explicitly by others and then address the consequences of their being labeled. Lastly, discuss how those individuals attempted to manage, break free, or embrace those stigmas. Make sure to include information on labeling theory and stigma management as discussed in lecture and your textbook.

Before submitting your paper, check it for the following things:

Does your answer demonstrate that you read and understood the assigned articles?

Did you answer ALL the questions in the prompt?

Is your paper a minimum of 4 pages double-spaced?

Did you properly cite each reading each time you quoted, paraphrased, or made and assertion about what the author said? Note, if you fail to cite you will receive a 0!

Did you proofread?

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